VME Device drivers

VME is a bus used in industrial computers (and it used to be used in Sun Microsystems servers). This project currently has available a VME nexus driver for the Tundra series of PCI-VME bridge chips, as well as a generic driver and an example device driver. 'Nexus driver' is a term from Sunos, meaning a driver that controls other device drivers. Using this terminology, the SCSI device driver is a nexus driver; interfacing to tape and disk device drivers. The drivers here are for Linux kernel version 2.4.0 or greater.

This project also defines an interface between the VME nexus driver and the VME board device drivers. This allows the writing of a separate VME nexus driver for a different VME bridge chip, which would still allow the individual VME board device drivers to work. The old Sun servers (mentioned above) don't use the Tundra Universe chip as a VME interface, so this driver will not work with those machines.

Files currently available:

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